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Can't Stand the Heat
A Recipe for Love Novel

by Louisa Edwards


I read one of Louisa Edwards' other books, a very different sort of thing involving vampires and the dark world, a year or so ago and was not a fan. But those aren't usually my sort of book anyway. I am not sure if she will continue writing in both styles, or if she will decide that one or the other works better for her, but my hands down choice would be this one!

Miranda Wake is a food critic for a New York magazine and, from past experience, she is not very well liked.  She tells it as she tastes it, but she seems to do it in a way that rubs readers the wrong way, and she means it!

Part of her job is to go to restaurant openings and taste what they have to offer. However, for some reason she doesn't seem overly excited to attend the opening of Market.  She attends with her agent, and the entire time she is there, she is complaining about having to attend and trying to find a way to leave.  Unfortunately, she ends up drunk before the plates of food are passed, and in the end really makes a fool of herself in front of the owner and chef, Adam Temple.

Adam is having just the opposite problem. He is more nervous than he has been in quite some time.  This restaurant means the world to him, and it must be a success so that he can show his family that he really has what it takes to do it all on his own.  That way, he can buy out his partner's share of the business and move forward in his life and career.  What he doesn't take into account is just how large a role Miranda will play in the success or failure of his life's work.

Miranda is not impressed so far with Market, and ends up telling the chef just how she feels, making a fool of herself as she goes, because she doesn't realize he's the one she's talking to.  Adam issues a challenge to Miranda and she accepts it.  Unfortunately, Adam didn't really mean to offer this challenge, and he hopes that given her drunken state, she will just forget about it.  She doesn't, and next thing he knows, Miranda is in his kitchen for the next month painstakingly writing down everything that she hears and sees for her new book deal.

The month goes along but not without many twists and turns and emotions, both for Miranda and Adam.  In the end, will Miranda write that tell-all book about Market, or will she choose to go in a different direction?  You will have to read this lively and interesting book to find out for sure.  I am now a fan of Louisa Edwards, and I am looking forward to the next book in this series!

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St Martin's Paperbacks / Macmillan
September 1, 2009
Mass market paperback
0312356498 / 978-0312356491
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