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A Country Cotillion

by Sandra Heath


Lovely widow Elizabeth French was madly in love with her husband, even after he turned on her and treated her so badly.  Now she has put the past behind her and is to marry Sir Alexander Norrington, a man totally different in looks and temperament to the late James French.  But a few weeks before the wedding, she spots a man who looks uncannily like her first husband and falls in love with him.  Surely she cannot back out now, and why should this unknown man fall in love with her?

Although this does not contain as much plot as some of Ms Heath’s other Regencies it does contain her other trademarks of being set in a particular year, with plenty of lush descriptions of clothes and places.  This is an author who does plenty of research and immerses the reader in the period, so whatever is going on there is no doubt this is a tale set firmly in the Regency, and 1814 at that. Alongn with an engaging story about two men and two women in love with the wrong person, there are luxuriant descriptions of balls, as well as unusual sledging experience and other pastimes of an icy winter.  Here is a writer who really manages to bring the period to life.

The Book

Robert Hale
31 May 2009
0709086598 / 9780709086598
Historical Romance / 1814 London and Lincolnshire
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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