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Dark Curse
A Carpathian Novel

by Christine Feehan


Okay, letís talk hunks. Feehan rocks when it comes to creating paranormal males who are sinfully sensual and heroines who are more than a match for the Carpathian hunters. Since the first time I read a Dark novel, I have simply devoured the pages. I still do. Lara, a Dragonseeker, and Nicolas, a Carpathian, are outstanding in this book of romance and intrigue. The plot is mesmerizing and made this reader want more.

Lara spent most of her childhood inside an ice cave, frightened and hiding from those who sought to harm her. With the aid of her aunts, she escapes. Years later she returns and finds a man who is the epitome of danger. When her Dragonseeker mark throbs, she is sure he is a vampire, but Nicolas De La Cruz is so much more than a fang-toting monster. He is Carpathian and her life-mate or so he says.

Nicolas has hungered for centuries for a mate who will restore the emotions heís lost as a hunter of vampires—Carpathian males who have allowed darkness to claim them. Now, he has found the other half of his soul, a woman who is from one of the oldest and most powerful Carpathian families. Lara is stubborn, softhearted, and will be the death of Nicolas if he cannot protect her from the returning horrors of her past.

Lara and Nicolas travel a path to find answers about her supposedly dead father; and as they do so, she finds she is not the last of her family. Her skill as a mage may be the only weapon to stop the destruction of the Carpathian race.

The Book

Jove / Berkley
October 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content / Violence

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith is the author of Beware What You Wish, a Regency time travel romance, and vampire romance Kensington's Soul. Dunbar's Curse, her second Bound by Blood vampire romance will be released March 2010.
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