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The Dashing Miss Fairchild

by Emily Hendrickson


Claire Fairchild seems to have everything going for her—money, youth, looks—but she seems doomed to merely be a maiden aunt to her siblings’ children.  Keen for a change of scene, she heads for Bath with her companion Venetia Godwin but gets no farther than a coaching inn at Marlborough before something very strange happens.  Somebody has left a baby boy in her carriage!  Desperate to find out to whom it belongs, and braving the horrified (but secretly delighted) stares of Bath society she falls in with an old friend who is happy to help.  But is Richard Talbot going to return to Jamaica once the baby is back with his family?

As ever with this author’s work there is an authentic background, lively characters, sense of humor and plenty of romance as well as a proper plot.  Maybe those readers who prefer their romances to contain only that might not care for the tale of an abandoned baby and many near-fatal accidents, but anybody else is bound to read eagerly on.  Bath comes to life here, named streets and all and the mystery part of the story never gets so intense that the romance is forgotten.  Everything balances out nicely for a well-rounded read.  If you enjoy Regency romances, this is just the thing you are probably looking for.

The Book

Robert Hale
30 April 2009
0709082835 / 9780709082835
Historical Romance / Regency Bath
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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