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Devil Of The Highlands

by Lynsay Sands

      I have loved Ms. Sands' paranormal writing for several years, and now I am happy to say her medieval tale entranced me! †The plot was excellent, well thought out, the characters a fine mixture that enhanced the telling of Cullen and Evelinde's love story.† Devil Of the Highlands is a book I will be keeping in my treasured stack of books to be read again.

Evelinde's stepmother hates her. In truth, she probably wouldn't care if Evelinde lived or died. That fact is proven when she announces that Evelinde is betrothed to the Devil of Donnachaidh. †The title only enhances the tales of horror associated with the highlander's name. In order to think about how she will get out of the marriage, Evelinde rides out, falls into a river, and then is accosted by a man who thinks she is crazy as a loon. † The handsome man must be a bit crazy himself, since every time she tries to examine the head wound he received when he fell from his horse, something she will probably be blamed for, he tries to steal a kiss. †When he gets a bit too handy, she realizes she is enjoying his touch way too much for someone who is betrothed. When The Duncan, as he calls himself, explains he is her betrothed, she's not sure if she is relieved or angry.

For years, Cullen has been aware of the rumors that he killed several of his family members, including his first wife. †He tries not to let it bother him†and is amazed that this slip of a woman, who is not even a handful soaking wet, is more worried about his health than her own.† He soon finds he is falling into a snare of love—a turn of events which he could never have foreseen. †The only problem is, he has to marry her quickly to keep her step-mother†from possibly harming his soon-to-be bride. †He takes Evelinde home to his keep and discovers that even he may not be able to keep her safe. †Someone is trying to kill his wife, something he will not tolerate. †Cullen falls fast and hard for the woman with a heart of gold who will do anything to prove he is not a murderer, even if she dies in the process.

To say more would give this tale away. †I will however say that Ms. Sandsí Scottish tale will keep readers smiling at Cullen's angst when his headstrong wife puts herself into harm's way time after time. †The emotions are beautiful in this romance set in a time when men did not have to revere their wives.† Cullen's total love for Evelinde and hers for him is truly poignant.

The Book

Avon Books
January 27, 2009
Advance Review Copy for Paperback
Historical Romance / 1273 England / Scotland
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Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith has just published her own Regency time travel romance titled Beware What You Wish, with a vampire romance titled Kensington's Soul to follow in 2009.
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