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Domestic Affairs

by Eileen Goudge


Abigail’s mother, Rosalie, had been serving as housekeeper to Ames and Gwen Meriwhether ever since she was forced out of her parents’ home as a pregnant 17-year-old. She was devoted to them; they welcomed her and her baby, treating them almost like family members. Abigail is as close as a sister to Lila and Vaughn, the Meriwhethers’ twin children. But, when Abigail is 15, a betrayal leads to Rosalie and Abigail’s dismissal, and breaks the close bond between Lila and Abby. And Abby never gets to pursue her fledgling relationship with Vaughn.

Fast forward 20+ years. Abby is now Abigail Whittaker, successful domestic doyenne and global brand, wife to physician and philanthropist Kent Whittaker. Lila is now the wife of investor Gordon DeVries, who was recently sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary for financial misdealing. Gordon’s criminal activities lead to financial destitution and social banishment. When Gordon commits suicide, unskilled Lila discovers she can’t get a job to support herself and her 18-year-old son. As a last resort, she decides to go to Abby for a job, and Abby gives her one—as housekeeper.

When Abby’s daughter and Lila’s son become friends, it doesn’t bode well. Both of the kids suffer from emotional issues. A tragedy, and the fallout from it, levels the playing field for all. But much good comes from the tragedy as well, as choices are made, forgiveness is offered and accepted, and relationships are reevaluated.

Eileen Goudge, author of numerous romantic fiction titles, has written another book demonstrating that despite human nature and life’s inconsistencies, life is worth living.

The Book

Vanguard Press / Perseus Book Group
June 2009
Romantic Fiction
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Deb Kincaid
Reviewed 2009
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