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Eternal Moon
Moon Series, book 10

by Rebecca York


Renata Cordona is a private investigator working undercover to capture a killer, one who murders female realtors when they show empty houses.  Renata waits at one such home for a client, carrying a concealed gun, hoping the man who shows is the murderer.  When her appointment is late, she steps outside to check the detached garage, only to be confronted by six growling dogs, bent on attack. Before they can spring, a wolf arrives and challenges the dogs until they leave.  Renata immediately returns to the house, fearing the wolf, only to look outside and see it has disappeared.

Shortly thereafter, werewolf Jacob Marshall arrives to insure the female he protected is safe. He recognizes Renata from several citizens’ group meetings, yet despite those brief meetings, he has the uncanny feeling they’d been lovers before... but believes that could only be a fantasy.

Renata feels an immediate connection to Jacob, which greatly upsets her.  The people she’s loved in the past—her parents and two boyfriends—died in terrible accidents.   She is determined not to let anyone else get close, or to fall in love.

Later that evening, Jacob’s curiosity gets the better of him and he watches her house. He sees Renata wearing a silky gown as she steps outside, as though sleepwalking.  He then sees her proceed to arrange stones, as though she were an ancient priestess, or goddess, at an altar.

Jacob is not the only one watching.  A demon, Questabaze, seethes in frustration. The failure of his ploy of sending vicious dogs to destroy Renata didn’t work.  Now, realizing that Renata may again have met her lifemate, his anger turns to fury. These two have lived many lifetimes.  Each time he found them, he destroyed them in order to survive.  And this time around will be no exception. He is determined that they will die.

Eternal Moon is a tense, fast-paced tale that immediately grabs the reader with a solid mystery and exciting paranormal elements that provide for non-stop entertainment.   While the book stands on its own merit as an excellent read, Eternal Moon will certainly leave you wanting to read more about the Marshall werewolf clan.

The Book

April 2009
0425227006 / 978-0425227008
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Rebecca York is a New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly best-selling author. Among her many awards are two Rita finalist books, two Romantic Times Career Achievement awards, and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense Series.

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Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Lani's Challenge, Shadow of Doubt and Fiery Surrender.
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