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Fallen Angel

by Margaret Weis and Lizz Weis

      Matthew Gallow was burned at the stake for believing in the Christian faith.  He finds his crossover journey leads him to Heaven.  In Heaven, he finds there are questions that he needs answered to convince him Heaven is the true, righteous path.  His questions are met with disapproval and, as punishment, he is exiled back to earth to live as an immortal.

Matthew is stunned that God could so coldly turn his back on him.  In anger and frustration he indulges in all the sin he can find in the world.  He makes his living posing as an exorcist.  Although his show is just a means to obtain easy money from his followers, he lucks up one night as actually manages to perform an exorcism.

Matthew’s exorcism is just the type of "magic" that Natalia Ashley needs for her rock star client, Cain.  She has been managing his career and is concerned about the lack of attendance at his concert.  She knows with Matthew’s growing popularity the two could be an overnight success.  Will Natalie be able to convince Matthew to come to Las Vegas, the sin capital of the world?

Fallen Angel takes me back to the 90’s when I fell in love with John Travolta’s hit movie Michael.  You will find that Matthew exhibits the same tough image that I loved in John Travolta’s character.  The book displays an unforgettable plot that calls out to all paranormal fans.

The Book

October 28, 2008
0060833335 / 978-0060833336
Paranormal Romance
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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