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Fish Out of Water
Fred the Mermaid, Book #3 of Trilogy

by MaryJanice Davidson

      Author MaryJanice Davidson is without a doubt one of the most prolific romance / fantasy writers of our time.† Fish Out of Water is the final book in the Fred the Mermaid Trilogy, and I must say that I am sorry to see it end.† MJ Davidson is also the author of the "Undead" series about a woman vampire and her family and friends.† That series is very popular and I enjoy it too.† Thus it pains me to say that I would really prefer the vampire series to end and Fred the Mermaid to continue.† Or, perhaps a merging of the two as the author has alluded to recently.

In any event, Fish Out of Water (remember that title, because if you ask for A Fish Out of Water you will find other books by different authors) is indeed a fun read that will spark your imagination and make you wonder what would happen if mermaids really were real and made themselves known.† This final book is about what happens after the Undersea Folk make public appearances to the Surface Dwellers and the consequences to both species.

Dr. Fredrika Bimm is not only a scientist, she is a Mermaid.† Actually, she is half Mermaid and half Human.† Her father, a Merman, met her Human mother on a Cape Cod beach.† He left the scene shortly thereafter not knowing that he had sired a half breed daughter that fateful night.† Fred, as she is known to her friends, had never met her father until this book, since he was banned for crimes against the King of the Undersea Folk thirty years before.† His entrance into her life is quite timely as Fred is dealing with several confusing situations at once, including handling public relations for the Undersea Folk as they are introduced to the Surface Dwellers.† Fred has also decided at last to marry Prince Artur of the UF†and become Princess Fred.† Yet she still questions her feelings for human Dr. Thomas Pearson. The Undersea Folk are not too forgiving and Fred may have to redeem herself for the sins of her father.† Thomasís father, retired Naval†Captain Pearson,†is brought in to try to help solve the disappearance of several hundred Undersea Folk over the course of a year.

While all this is going on, Fred is also trying to be "best man" to her best friend Jonas, who is marrying Fredís boss.† Fredís job is at the New England Aquarium, a job Fred wants to quit, but her boss won't let her.† Fred constantly feels her stress level rising, and to make matters worse everyone knows where she is living, in a rental house in Florida, and all manner of people decide to drop in and stay awhile.

MJ Davidson remains a witty and quirky writer, with a style all her own and her special brand of humor, infused throughout all these converging storylines.† The book is one you won't want to put down because you really will want to know the outcome. Yet at the same time, I found I didn't want to finish it because I knew it was The End for the Fred the Mermaid series.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal / fantasy / romance humor, but with the caveat that you really should read the first two books Sleeping with the Fishes and Swimming Without a Net to fully appreciate Fred and friends.

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November 25, 2008
0515145491 / 978-051545496
Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal
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NOTE: Some explicit language

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