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A Fraudulent Betrothal

by Natasha Andersen


Clarissa and Marianne Meredew are identical twins who have lived quietly in the country in the care of their Aunt Constance all their lives. When Aunt Eleanor writes that she will sponsor a season for one of them, Clarissa sadly lets her more vivacious twin go. But soon their aunt comes storming in, demanding to know where Marianne is. It is up to Clarissa to go to London in her sister’s place and pretend to be her, not too hard at first as her sister has been writing home a lot. But then she comes face to face with Lord Leighton, Marianne’s fiancé whom her sister might not appear to love, but whom Clarissa soon falls hopelessly in love with...

This is a most absorbing novel, full of romance but also with the added bonus of the missing sister. The protagonists are amiable people—no overbearing alpha males or spoilt hoydens in this tale—and soon band together to attempt to solve the mystery. Perhaps if this sort of thing is not to your taste (it is what the book is about, after all) then you might prefer more of a straight romance, but I enjoyed it very much. Because of this adventure, you won’t find much of a description of the Season but there are plenty of other things going on instead. I would gladly read more books of this variety, and if this is your predilection too then you will enjoy this well-plotted story.

The Book

Robert Hale
30 June 2009
0709087632 / 9780709087632
Historical Romance / 1817 London
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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