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The Ghosts of Neddingfield Hall

by Fenella-Jane Miller

      Hester Frobisher is dismayed to find that her aunt and her staff have mysteriously vanished from Neddingfield Hall.† The locals mutter about ghosts, and certainly something seems to be amiss so she must discover what is going on as soon as possible.† But a distant relation has also appeared on the scene looking for Aunt Agatha, Hesterís cousin Ralph, the Earl of Waverly, home from the Peninsular Wars.† At least Ralph knows that he is the real earl—even if somebody else is not sure about the fact.

Mystery and romance go well together in this enjoyable tale.† Even though they get off to a bad start, Hester and Ralph must work together to discover who wishes them harm before it is too late.† The spooky old house amid the snows, and the possibility of all sorts of skullduggery, make this a good tale for a winterís night.† Where it is lacking is in that, although although Ms Miller has started the book with an interesting villain, he is not sufficiently developed to ever be anything more than a cipher.† This is a pity, as it would have added a whole dimension to what is an entertaining but at times slightly repetitive story.† The two protagonists are a likeable pair however, and put together with their adventures as their foes close in on them make for an agreeable read.

The Book

Robert Hale
31 December 2008
0709086901 / 9780709086901
Historical Romance / 1815 England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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