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Harbor Lights
A Chesapeake Shores Novel

by Sherryl Woods


I am a huge fan of all of Sherryl Woods's books, and this one fits right in there with my expectations!

I have read two of the three books in this series, and I ordered the one that I missed reading just so I could continue with the lives of the O'Brien family.† I am sure you will enjoy this series as well!

Kevin O'Brien is the middle son and a new father.† His wife is killed while serving in Iraq, and he is left to raise his young son on his own.† Well, not really on his own, as he has his whole family behind him every step of the way.† For most of us, that would be a huge relief, but to Kevin, itís quite the opposite.† His meddling family is part of the problem, and all he really wants is to have a career that he loves and raise his son to be the best person that he can be.† Not such a challenge, right?† Well, for Kevin, it is!

Shanna moves to the very small town of Chesapeake Shores with two things in mind: one, to start a new life, and two, to own a successful bookstore / coffee shop—two things that this little town is lacking.† Should be an easy task, right?† Well, the bookstore / coffee shop part of the equation seems to be just that, pretty easy.† But the other one, to start a new life, is taking on a life of its own and moving in†a direction that Shanna is just not sure about.

The rest of the O'Brien clan have their own issues that they have to work out, but meddling, though with the best of intentions in Kevin's life, might just turn into something special for everyone concerned.

This is a very moving and well written story, like all of Sherryl's books.† It keeps you moving forward, taking sides and hoping for the outcome that you know makes the most sense.† Another great book!

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Mira Books
May 26, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0778326411 / 978-0778326410
Contemporary Romance
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2009
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