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Her Secret Lover
The Aphrodite's Club Series ~ Book #2

by Sara Bennett

      Antoinette Dupreeís future is filled with uncertainty as she finds herself trapped in the clutches of her guardian, Lord Rudyard Appleby.† He is intent on controlling her every movement and seeing that she is kept well away from society.† To ensure that she stays in her place, he orders her sent far away to his Wexmoor Manor estate in Devon.

Antoinette refuses to allow such an evil man to control her or her sister Cecilia.† Secretly, she has found a way to rid their lives of Lord Appleby.† As she makes her way to the manor she conceals in her bosom a letter that is certain to guarantee their future freedom.

Gabriel Langley also has an interest in the letter Antoinette carries.† Posing as a masked highwayman, he stops her coach.† He demands that she surrender the letter to him.† When she refuses he takes matters in his own hands and searches Antoinette.† His hands bring unexpected caresses that set her body on fire.† Gabriel also feels the electricity of the connection between them. .

Gabrielís plan fails when he does not locate where Antoinette is concealing the letter, but he refuses to give up on the one thing that can help him regain his familyís home.† Luckily, he is able to find work at Wexmoor Manor.† He hopes the position will allow him a chance to grow closer to Antoinette and convince her to relinquish the letter she is holding so dear.† The two match wits, but which one will come out the victor?

Sara Bennett has penned a delightful tale as she matches two strong willed characters with one another.† Gabriel and Antoinette are both determined to have their own way.† It is a joy to see which one will win out in the end.† This is the type of book that will provide an entertaining Sunday afternoon leisure read.

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October 28, 2008
0061336890 / 978-0061336898
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