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A Highlander’s Temptation

by Sue-Ellen Welfonder


Ms. Welfonder has been one of my favorite authors for years. She is not only a talented author but also a wonderful person. I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Seducing a Scottish Bride for MyShelf, and this story of Gelis’ sister Arabella is just as awesome! The hero is also worthy, and the battles he fights over his legacy and for the woman he loves will bring tears to your eyes. Keep writing Sue-Ellen!

Arabella yearns for what her sister has—true love. She is tired of her father, the MacKenzie Laird, trotting out and then finding fault with her suitors. In order to make her wish come true, she must travel to a holy relic and ask for blessings for her future and to find love. However, fate interferes and her ship is attacked. Arabella is flung to what she believes is a watery death, only to be rescued by Darroc, leader of the MacConacher clan.

Darroc wants revenge on the MacKenzies for destroying his people’s honor and dreams, but when the beautiful Arabella washes up on his shoreline, he only knows he must save her. Once she recovers from her ordeal, he tries to behave honorably, but finds he is falling hard and fast for the seductive lady. He fights his feelings, but Arabella refuses to give up her fight to win his love; that is, until Darroc sends her back to her father.

The Book

Forever / Hachette Book Group
Sept 29, 2009
0446195308 / 978-0446195300
Historical Romance / Scotland / 1350
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith is the author of Beware What You Wish, a Regency time travel romance, and vampire romance Kensington's Soul. Dunbar's Curse, her second Bound by Blood vampire romance will be released March 2010.
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