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How to Score

by Robin Wells


Museum curator Sammi Matthews seems to be unconsciously sabotaging her love life by hurting her suitors.  She doesn’t treat them badly or say mean things; she accidentally cracks their ribs, blackens their eyes, and gives them concussions.  She hires a phone-in life coach for advice and unwittingly gets Chase Jones, an FBI agent posing as his counselor brother during a top-security mission.

When Chase decides to spy on her in order to be a better life coach, he doesn’t intend on meeting her and falling in love.  Yet, that’s what happens.  While he coaches her over the phone as Luke Jones (and recites Luke’s sports analogies as self-affirmations), he dates her in person as himself, Chase Jones.  Dealing with trouble at work (a seemingly psycho head curator), fighting to stop her eviction from her art deco rental, and being romanced by an enigmatic stud, have Sammi so confused that she doesn’t make the connection between her coach and her new boyfriend.

Chase, however, is all too aware of the problems associated with this unorthodox romance. He’s taking advantage of his position, prying personal details about himself from her, omitting the truth she needs to hear, and misleading her through implication.

Robin Wells writes a laugh-out-loud funny contemporary romance in which readers get inside these quirky characters’ heads, in addition to the slightly creepy cranium of the other curator at the museum. This paranoid, obsessive-compulsive spinster seems as determined to get rid of Sammi as Sammi is determined to stay. Wells provides a light, fun summer read that (in the words of Luke the sports-coach-turned-life-coach) really scores.

The Book

Hachette Book Group / Forever
May 26, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Contemporary Romance
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NOTE: Violence, Explicit Sexuality

The Reviewer

Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Leslie Halpern is the author of Reel Romance: The Lovers' Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies, Dreams on Film, A Writer's Guide to Fearless Interviews, and the co-author of Connections: A Collection of Poems. Coming Soon: Passionate About Their Work: Celebrities, Artists, and Experts Discuss Creativity.
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