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How to Tame a Modern Rogue

by Diana Holquist


Donatella awakens one morning believing that she’s living in an historical romance.  This throws a huge wrench in the plans of her granddaughter.

Ally loves Granny Donny, really she does.  But it’s time for her to spread her wings. After Ally’s parents abandoned her, Granny Donny raised her.  They’ve stayed in the same apartment for ten years because Ally’s always hoped that her mother and father would come back for her.  But Ally is finally giving up and moving on with her life.  She’s taking a job clear across the country.   Then Granny Donny shows up at Ally’s apartment in a horse drawn carriage.  She’s accompanied by a man she introduces as the Duke of Midfield.

Sam, the supposed duke, met Granny Donny while he was walking in the park.  She was riding by in her carriage just as he was looking for a way to dodge an old girlfriend.  She urged him to accompany her to meet her lovely granddaughter who was preparing to leave for their country home.  Figuring anything was better than dealing with his ex, Sam agreed.

Sam thought that Granny Donny was doing some harmless role playing but after meeting Ally he discovers the truth.  The dotty old woman really believes that she’s in Regency England and that he and her granddaughter are betrothed. Sam’s so captivated by Ally that he continues to play along.

Ally wants nothing to do with the charade or with Sam.  He’s an irresponsible playboy, just like her father.  Her mother gave up everything (including Ally) to chase after a man without a care in the world.  She won’t allow herself to go down that same path, no matter how sexy Sam is.

The doctors tell Ally that indulging her grandmother’s fantasy won’t hurt anything and might even help, so she makes plans to take her grandmother to their summer home.  Granny Donny insists that they take the carriage and that Sam accompany them.

The trip will take several days.  Will that be enough time for Sam to win Ally’s heart?

This book is a fun combination of historical and contemporary romance.

The Book

Forever / Hachette
August 1, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
044619705X / 978-0446197052
Romance / Contemporary
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