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Insatiable Desire
The Demonborn Series

by Rita Herron


FBI agent Vincent Valtrez is not happy with his new assignment. He is sent to the small town of Eerie, Tennessee to investigate the possibility of a serial killer at work. Eerie is also Vincent's hometown, a place he would rather not return to.

Upon arrival Vincent goes to the local police, a group he has no respect for, especially since they have employed the use of a physic, Clarissa King.

Clarissa has inherited the gift from her grandmother and can see and hear the cries of murder victims.† This murderer is worse than any she has encountered. Somehow the murderer reads the minds of his victims and then kills them with their worst fears.

Vincent and Clarissa are forced to work together while Vincent tries to hide a secret no one else must know. Vincent is a Dark Lord. He is the son of a demon and an angel. He has the ability to do both great good and terrible evil.

Clarissa is convinced that that the killer is after Vincent and will use all he can to capture Vincentís soul.

Vincent and Clarissa struggle to solve the murders and bring a stop to them while fighting the growing attraction they both try to deny.

Rita Herron, a well published author, is using this book as the beginning to a new supernatural romantic suspense series featuring the Demonborn. Her work is well written and suspenseful and should appeal to the fans of Sherilyn Kenyon and Rebecca York.

Insatiable Desire is a stunning beginning to a new series. Count me in for the next one.

The Book

September 1, 2008
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
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Susan Johnson
Reviewed 2009
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