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Kensington’s Soul
Bound by Blood, The Legends

by Faith V. Smith


Zacke Kensington believes in justice. As a Savannah police detective, his work is filled with slime of the earth criminals, who try to bribe, fight, or lie their way out of going to jail. Confronted with their horrendous crimes, Zacke fights his desire to kill the perpetrators himself. Their quick death would satisfy his anger, temporarily, but it would also torch his morality. Besides, he doesn’t want his rage to awaken the beast within—if he’s doomed to live his life alone and immortal, he wants to do it on his terms and with his honor intact. Zacke’s private life is just that—private, and the only exception is his friendship with fellow detective, Gideon. Zacke’s secret would not be understood by most of society, and he dare not fall in love. In the midst of passion, Zacke fears his vamp desires would be uncontrollable. He knows it’s best not to tangle in lustful or loving situations. He handles the loneliness, until the beautiful and innocent Miranda enters his life. Now, his only desire is to stay by her side.

Dr. Miranda James, a hospital trauma surgeon, cannot forget about the hot detective, who appeared out of thin air to rescue her from an attempted rape and murder. How did he find her on the abandoned roadside and precisely when she needed help? She tries to ignore his good looks, but his kindness melts her heart. When the detective visits her workplace, citing a personal visit to see her, Miranda can’t fully believe him. Why would this handsome man want her? Her heart teeters between mistrust of Zacke’s mysterious behavior and longing to feel his passion. As love starts to win her inner battle, Miranda doesn’t know that a bigger obstacle stands in their way: the vengeful Gabriella, who will kill any mortal claiming Zacke’s heart.

In Kensington’s Soul, author Faith V. Smith writes a wonderful romance between the conflicted vampire hero, Zacke, and the spunky mortal heroine, Miranda. The well drawn characters reveal loveable personalities, inner demons, and secret desires. Smith expertly paces the conflict and passion, blending supportive minor characters and a formidable antagonist into a satisfying climax. The Savannah setting provides a wonderful backdrop to the story's eeriness, history, and sensuousness. Readers will fall in love with Zacke and Miranda. Thank goodness you won't have to say goodbye to them after you close the book. Kensington’s Soul is the first in Smith's Bound by Blood series.

Highly recommended.

The Book

The Wild Rose Press
February 27, 2009
1-60154-553-3 / 978-1601545534
Romance/ Paranormal
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Jennifer Akers
Reviewed 2009
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