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Kisses Like A Devil
Donovan & Sons Series

by Diane Whiteside


Meredith Duncan escapes a repulsive marriage arranged by her mother and step-father by taking a job as the secretary of Colonel Zorndorf, Eisengau’s chief cannon designer. Meredith sees the deplorable working conditions of the foundry workers and joins the Working Class Party, who ask her to steal the plans for the new cannon, intending to use them as a bargaining tool to improve the workers’ conditions. When Meredith arrives at the next meeting, with the plans, she sees the Russian agent Pytor Sazanov. Not trusting Sazanov, she denies having the plans.

Ex-Major Brian Donovan is asked by Teddy Roosevelt, his former Rough Rider commander and now Governor of New York, to go to Eisengau to purchase a powerful new cannon that could change the balance of military power in Europe—and America.  Brian, wealthy in his own right, agrees to go, since his family has already made plans to meet in Europe in hopes of finding his missing brother.

Brian is at a beerhouse when Meredith and the other party members arrive to hold a rally. The cops arrive and Brian helps Meredith escape. When he in turn gets caught, Meredith and her dog, Morro, help Brian escape. When they arrive at the Grand Hotel, Meredith is dismayed to see her parents.  She introduces Brian, but the following morning, her mother and step-father insist she marry Colonel Zorndorf, a man who is known to have beaten his last wife.

To escape the loathsome marriage, Meredith asks Brian to make her his mistress. Already attracted by Meredith’s intelligence, Brian readily agrees. As the competition for the purchase of the new weapon grows fierce, so does the raw sensual desire and growing love between Brian and Meredith.

Then Sazanov learns that Meredith has the plans and will do anything—even kill—to get them.

Kisses Like A Devil is a suspenseful, fast-paced historical romance, with an intriguing plot and solid characters. Meredith is an independent female, one willing to risk her life to achieve her goals. Brian is a man of experience who vows to win Meredith’s love, which adds a sensual and delightfully passionate touch to this exciting novel from Diane Whiteside.

The Book

February 1, 2009
0758225156 / 978-0758225153
Historical romance, 1900 Europe
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NOTE: Sensual romance

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Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2009
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