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Laís Orchestra Saves The World

by Alexander McCall Smith


Young widow La (short for Lavender) moves into a house in rural Sussex after certain unhappy events. She needs a rest, and a change from the hustle of the London scene. At first she lives quietly, not really making any friends among the close-knit local community of people who are so different from her. When war breaks out, she starts a small amateur orchestra to boost morale, both local and her own. Then she meets with Polish refugee and fellow flautist Feliks...

Fans of this prolific and popular authorís other works (some of which are reviewed on this site) will surely relish this gentle romance. Apart from the meeting of like minds, there are many other themes explored in here, including how a morale boosting and community spirited enterprise such as the orchestra can "save the world." Smith is adept at showing the things about life in Britain—or any country—that truly matter, as well as getting under the skin of a rural community like the village described so well in this book. This is a short book, but one to read slowly and savor as there is quite a lot to think about.

The Book

Abacus (Little, Brown)
23 July 2009
0349122059 / 9780349122052
Historical Romance / 1940s / Rural Sussex, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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