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Leaving Whiskey Bend

by Dorothy Garlock

      Whiskey Bend, Colorado, 1890—Chester Remnick believes his step-sister, Mary Sinclair, to be his property.  When Chester's father married Mary's mother, Chester's father "gave" Mary to Chester to do with as he saw fit.   Chester is a mean-spirited man and beats Mary often and always within an inch of her life.  Mary's two friends, Pearl Parsons and Hallie Wolcott, come to Mary's rescue; taking her out of Chester's care, they leave Whiskey Bend behind.  In order to save Mary's life and their own they must put as much distance between them and Whiskey Bend as possible and as quickly as possible.   They flee, in constant fear that Chester will find them, knowing that he will never stop hunting them down until he has exacted his revenge and retrieved what he believes belongs to him: Mary.

Eli Morgan is summoned by his uncle Hank to return to Bison City, the hometown he had left behind four years earlier and never planned on returning to.  Four year earlier Eli left Bison City and joined the army; but just days before he left, his brother Caleb was brutally murdered.  When Eli returns to Bison City he finds that his father has died, his older brother is suffering from madness, and Caleb's murderer has yet to be found.

During a storm Eli and Hallie's paths cross.  Eli saves Mary from the Cummings River and takes the three women to his mother's home to recover from their ordeal.  Eli's mother is anything but happy about the arrival of the women and makes everyone's life as unbearable as she possibly can.  But love is in the air and in time begins  to blossom.

Leaving Whiskey Bend is a fast-paced, entertaining novel of romance set in the wild west in the 1890's.  Dorothy Garlock's fans will not be disappointed in this latest release.  Filled with suspense, Leaving Whiskey Bend is an engrossing read all the way to its stunning conclusion.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing / Hachette Book Group
November 13, 2008
Trade Paperback
0-446-69534-3 / 978-0-446-69534-3
Historical Romance / 1890 Colorado
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2009
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