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Love You to Death

by Shannon K. Butcher


Ms. Butcher delivers a fast-paced, nail-biting tale of murder and emotions in Love You to Death. Without telling you the ending, let me just say readers will be on the edge of their seats, no matter where they are, to find out what is going to happen.  A compelling novel that should satisfy a multitude of readers.

Elise McBride returns home early from a business trip when she fails to reach her sister Ashley. When she finds Ashley missing from her home and still no return call to Elise’s numerous messages, Elise begins to canvass the house to find any clue that might lead her to Ashley’s location. During her hunting expedition, Elise is surprised by a man who claims to be her sister’s neighbor. Once explanations are tendered and the police arrive, Elise discovers the handsome Trent could stonewall her investigation into her sister’s disappearance.

Trent does not need or want trouble. He gave up his job as a police officer when he accidentally shot his partner during a collar. Now, he has the sexy and frustrating Ms. McBride to contend with, as well as a possible serial killer. In order to keep Elise from becoming another body bag statistic, he goes along for the ride when she checks out leads—leads that could get her killed. When the trail turns hot, Trent fears the killer—whom he believes also holds Elise’s sister captive—will do anything to keep from being caught, and Trent plans to do all he can to keep Elise from getting killed.

The Book

Forever / Hachette Book Group
September 29, 2009
0446510297 / 978-0446510295
Romantic Suspense
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content / Some Violence

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith is the author of Beware What You Wish, a Regency time travel romance, and vampire romance Kensington's Soul. Dunbar's Curse, her second Bound by Blood vampire romance will be released March 2010.
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