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Marked by Passion
The Guardians Of Destiny Series, Book # 1

by Kate Perry


Marked by Passion is a different type of paranormal, but one that contains the right stuff for being a Grade A romance.  Perry shoots true with her first in a series about the Guardians of Destiny.  Marked by Passion gives readers the emotions you would expect from a romance, but the author doesn't give her ending away until almost the last moment.  Bravo Ms. Perry! 

Gabriella Chin prefers to be called Gabe Sansouci.  She left her roots and unwanted heritage behind fifteen years before, when her mother died.  Now, her past and an ancient scroll have caught up with her.  As appointed guardian, she must keep said scroll safe and learn how to control its power. Earthquakes in California—although normal—should not happen every time she loses her temper.  To mix up her already messed up psyche, she has to contend with an old boyfriend who wants to be more, a new man who is so hot he singes everything he touches—must have something to do with the 'mark of fire' his guardianship carries.   If that's not enough, she also has to contend with her dead father's ghost, an art showing and the police, who want her for questioning in a murder.  Yep, not the life a girl wants to have but one Gabe has to fix, and fix in a hurry, if she wants to survive.

Rhys wants the scroll, but doesn't fathom how he came to fall in love with its beautiful guardian—but fall he did and hard.  About as hard as Gabriella's head.  The woman is so stubborn, she puts herself in danger, so distrustful, she'd question an angel from Heaven if she had doubts, and about as effective in stopping Rhys' lust for her as she would be channeling the power of the scroll.  Rhys must save Gabriella from herself and make her realize she is the only woman for him.  However, before he can do that, the woman in question gets assaulted twice, is involved in a bloody shootout, and still refuses to believe he loves her.  Fighting Gabriella with both their scrolls’ skills could cause a fiery catastrophe.

The Book

Forever Books
February 1, 2009
Mass Market Paperback from Advance Review Copy
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

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Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
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