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My Wicked Marquess
First in The Inferno Club series

by Gaelen Foley


Max St. Albans, the Marquess of Rotherstone, belongs to a hereditary order of chivalry established six centuries ago to fight the evil Prometians, a society bent on world rule. Max was taken as a young boy to a special academy in Scotland to learn the skills necessary to fight the Prometians. Adult members of this order, when not on missions, hide their true purpose by posing as members of the notorious Inferno Club.

Max, after 20 years with the order, has come home, determined to restore his family’s reputation by finding a suitable bride. Among the five possibilities selected by his solicitor, only Daphne Starling attracts him. She has obvious good taste, for the man she jilted was Max’s boyhood archenemy. Wanting to learn more about her, Max follows Daphne and her servants to the shadier part of the city and watches them delivering items to an orphanage. When several men attack, Max distracts the men and allows Daphne and her servants to escape. When the police arrive, Max realizes that Daphne has sent them and becomes determined to win her hand.

Daphne is pleased when she sees the man who helped her, at the Edgecombe Hall ball. She learns that her savior is none other than the Marquess of Rotherstone, aka the "Demon Marquess." Despite his bad reputation, she’s attracted to Max. As the two develop a relationship, Daphne senses that Max is hiding something, and she will not agree to marriage unless complete truth exists between them. The secrets of Max’s order have left him isolated, lonely and desperately needing love, something he senses only Daphne can provide. But if he can’t share his secret life with her, how can he expect to win her love?

My Wicked Marquess is the first in a series of exciting romances by Gaelen Foley, an author who writes with sensitivity and an intoxicating touch of mystery. I loved Max, the unsung hero who yearns for love and finds it in Daphne, an intelligent and headstrong heroine. My Wicked Marquess is an exciting romance combined with a thrilling and intriguing plot which hooked me from the beginning, and left me yearning for the next release in the series.

The Book

Avon / HarperCollins
July 2009
0061733954 / 978-0061733956
Historical Romance, Regency England (1815)
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The Reviewer

Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Lani's Challenge, Shadow of Doubt and Fiery Surrender.
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