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One Scream Away

by Kate Brady


Beth Denison was brutally attacked by Chevy Bankes seven years ago. Her friend Anne Chaney was killed by him. As a result, Bankes was imprisoned. But now he has been released and is determined to find and kill Beth.

Beth has made a new life for herself and her daughter. Now she and her daughter are being threatened by Bankes. He is a crazy serial killer who tortures and murders, spreading terror through the Seattle area. His victims are made to resemble antique dolls.

Ex-FBI agent Neil Sheridan joins the investigation through a connection with Bankes' earlier murders. When Bankes invades Beth's home, Neil is able to track him, and attempts to break through Beth's wall of silence.

One Scream Away is a suspenseful romantic thriller. It also reads like a good police procedural, with gritty, harrowing accounts of the murders. The suspense is chilling, with page-turning action. The dialogue is snappy with just enough romance to lighten a few pages.

The Book

Forever / Hatchette
July 2009
Romantic Suspense
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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