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The Other Mr Darcy

by Monica Fairview


Caroline Bingley had hoped for years that one day she would be Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy, but as we know he preferred Elizabeth Bennett.  Devastated and weeping after the happy couple had been married she hastens away to a private place to give vent to her grief... but somebody witnesses it.  A year later she meets this stranger again, for he is also a Mr Darcy, cousin to the one she knows so well (or thought she did) and normally a resident of Boston, Massachusetts.  This time she has to travel with him to Pemberley, where Lizzie lies ill following a miscarriage.  They are opposites in every way, but when something goes disastrously wrong he is there to save her... but is what he does only going to make everything worse?

Now read on!  If you, like this reviewer, count Pride and Prejudice ( US || UK) among your favorite books then this sequel is a treat indeed.  Unlike many other sequels to this famous novel, the tone of the original is kept to admirably, and you can rest assured that nothing happens that might not have happened had Ms Austen decided to conclude her work.  This is not a frothy piece of chicklit in long frocks; instead it manages to be a true tale of manners with a good historical underpinning and sound knowledge of the characters.  Strait-laced Caroline wrestles with her feelings, which were repressed during her upbringing when she was taught to be a lady, despite her father being in trade, while the free-and-easy Robert Darcy finds himself somewhat at odds with English high society after a lifetime spent in America.  Settle down to enjoy some excellent descriptions of house parties, carriage travel, balls and of course the company of most of the characters from the original novel.  More, please!

The Book

Robert Hale
31 July 2009
0709088116 / 9780709088110
Historical Romance / Regency / Locations from Pride and Prejudice
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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