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Pleasure Unbound
Demonica, Book 1

by Larissa Ione

      Demon-Slayer Tayla Mancuso believes that all demons are evil creatures that need to be destroyed.  She makes it her life purpose to rid the world of these vile beasts.  One night her life is nearly cut short when she finds herself in a confrontation with a demon.  He manages to overpower her and leaves her for dead; she closes her eyes for what she believes is the last time.

Miraculously, Tayla survives and wakes up in a demon hospital.  She quickly devises a plan to escape, with the promise she will return and destroy all. However, her mind changes when she meets the handsome Doctor Eidolon, the man responsible for saving her life.

Eidolon has his doubts about saving the life of a well known Demon-Slayer.  He knows that she is hell-bent on destroying his kind, but a feeling he has convinces him that she deserves to live and he is the man with the talent and skills to make it happen.  He is also hiding his own secret; he is a Seminus who is about to be faced with a transition that will put every woman in his path in grave danger.

Each day Eidolon tries to avoid thinking of the day his whole world will change.  To keep his mind occupied, he throws himself into his work as a doctor.  Time is definitely not on his side, and meeting Tayla Mancuso only complicates his life further.

Pleasure Unbound is an excellent start to what promises to be one unforgettable series.  The characters of Tayla and Eidolon literally set the pages on fire with their irresistible chemistry.  Larissa Ione, you have made your mark in the paranormal world.  Very highly recommended.

The Book

June 20, 2008
Mass Market Paperback
044640103X / 978-0446401036
Paranormal Romance
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