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The Dark Forgotten

by Sharon Ashwood

      In a world where vampires, werewolves and ghouls walk openly among the human population, Holly Carver is a hot commodity. A hereditary witch (and returning college student), Holly specializes in what she refers to as ‘small-M’ magic: ghost busting, clearing haunted houses, etc. But that all changes when what’s supposed to be a routine house job goes very wrong and lands Holly right in the middle of what is very definitely ‘big-M’ magic.

Vampire Alessandro Caravelli, Holly’s Undead business partner, knows what he can and cannot have. For him, to love Holly is to kill her—so he won’t go there. Or will he? But what he can and will do is protect her with his life. And she needs a lot of protecting right now, from rogue houses, from amorous demons and from his own very jealous queen, Omara, who will stop at nothing to enlist Holly’s assistance in shutting down the demon’s portal into hell...even if it kills her.

Ravenous is a fantastic read, filled with action, suspense, lush details, sizzling romance and very memorable characters. Ms. Ashwood has created a very compelling world and left us with enough questions about the fate of certain characters to have us hoping that this is the start of a very promising new series.

The Book

Signet Eclipse
February 3, 2009
Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
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PG Forte
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer PG Forte is the author of Let Me Count the Ways, Love, from A To Z, Waiting for the Big One, and the Oberon series.
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