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The Pendragon Legacy, Book 2

by Susan Kearney


Rion is the second installment in Susan Kearneyís "Pendragon Legacy" series. This story is about Rion, and Lucanís twin sister Marisa. Marisa finds Rion very appealing, but the pain of her first marriage and subsequent divorce left her with a bitter taste in her mouth for romance. She was, now, a dragonshaper. However, though she didnít like being a dragon, at least the dragon blood from her sister-in-law, Cael, had cured Earthís problem of infertility. If she did ever find a man, she could at least bear a child.

Rion found Marisa equally appealing. However, he also needed her gift of telepathy to free his people. Rion was from the planet Honor, and his people had been enslaved by one of the Tribes, the Unari. Rion also had a gift, he saw flashes that were always true, but he could never tell whether they were of the past, the present, or the future. The flashes he had seen lately showed his people forced to stay in dragon shape so they could build a huge building, a heavy fortress, to house the Holy Grail.

At first, when Rion kidnapped Marisa, she refused to help him. But, when she saw the conditions his people were suffering under, she agreed to help.

Rion is an action-filled sequal to Lucan, the first book in the Pendragon Legacy series, and also reviewed on Myshelf. As was its predecessor, Rion is overloaded with explicit sex scenes. The sex was important to the story, too important. Though the plot was interesting, I would definitely have written it differently.

Like all romance novels, the men are larger than life and the women donít think they can live without them. If you love romance and donít mind the sex, youíll love these two books.

The Book

November 24, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0446543322 / 978-0446543323
Paranormal Romance / Science Fiction
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NOTE: Contains explicit sex, violence, profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2009
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