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Royal Blood

by Rona Sharon


In 1518 Michael Devereaux is sent to  the court of King Henry VIII . He is the adopted heir of the Earl of Tyrone, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.  Tyrone wishes to ingratiate himself with King Henry.  In the court Michael meets Princess Renee de Valois of France, daughter of King Louis, who has been sent to court on a special mission.   They immediately become enamored with each other.  When there are unexplained killings in the court, Michael is persuaded by Cardinal Woolsey to investigate.  Mysterious events lead him to the Vatican in Rome, which might have tragic effects on his own life.

Royal Blood can be considered an historical novel, a romance, a mystery with intrigue... all of these. There are even a number of steamy sex episodes. It is filled with the atmosphere of Tudor England.  The author has thoroughly researched the customs, the dress, politics, and even the language of that period. The characters are well portrayed, especially Renee who is portrayed as a strong determined woman.

I will admit that I was disappointed in the book. I do not read vampire books—avoid them as much as possible. Therefore I was dismayed partway into the story to be confronted with the vampire thread.  The plot until then held my interest.  I forced myself to continue just to learn the conclusion.

The Book

Kensington Books
April 2009
Trade Paperback
9789758228581 / 0758228589
Paranormal Historical Romance / Tudor England 1518
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NOTE: Sexual content

The Reviewer

Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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