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The Royal Snuff Box

by Barbara Hazard


Pretty widow Lady Julia is in a quandary—the Crown Prince fancies her!† He has appeared in her house with a saucy snuffbox bearing a picture of her on the lid, and inside another one of her naked.† Trouble is, the box has vanished and now Julia is in trouble because those whose job it is to keep the Prince out of mischief think she is hiding it and plans to blackmail Prinny.† Julia must try to prove who does have the box and fight off three suitors into the bargain.

I havenít read anything by this author before, but now plan to remedy this omission.† She has the rare talent of writing this type of thing in the Heyer style, serving up an effervescent champagne of a novel.† Here is a fine melding of sound historical research, frothy humor, engaging characters, a plot with a hint of mystery as well as romance, and a picture of London high society in the early 19th century.† I liked the inclusion of the Prince, surely a vital part of life at that level in those days but usually missing, and the historical authenticity of peoplesí attitudes toward him.† I did guess who was behind it all, but ultimately this did not matter as I was enjoying reading the story so much. Although prior to 1811, this is a Regency in every sense of the term.

The Book

Robert Hale
27 February 2009
0709084633 /9780709084631
Historical Romance / 1801 London
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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