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Seducing A Scottish Bride

by Sue-Ellen Welfonder


Ms. Welfonder continues her penchant for penning romances that touch the heart.  I have lost count of the books I have read from this awesome lady, but I have to tell readers, Gelis and Raven's story is one of a kind.  The sensuality abounds, the repartee between two ancient mages, and the humor that relieves the darkness of evil make this an astounding and worthy read of Scottish myths and love.

Lady Gelis, daughter of the House of MacKenzie, wants a husband.  When she invokes magic to test the waters of her future, she finds a man who needs love, and the keeper of her heart.  Not knowing how she will become his, she is astonished to learn she is to be his betrothed—although against her father's better judgment.  Once she steps foot inside Castle Dare, she finds herself involved with the forces of Darkness.  Evil threatens the man she loves, and she will do anything to stop it from taking Raven's life.

Ronan, or The Raven as his clansmen call him, wants to break the curse his ancestor caused when he stole the Raven Stone from the Druids.  Since the thievery incident, his family has been plagued with tragedy.  Ronan lost two wives to the curse and now fears his bonnie Gelis will perish also.  While he tries to keep her safe, he is witness to her second sight of past and future events—a gift that leads them both into danger.  When he feels all he loves could be destroyed with a wave of magic, Gelis' love and strength bolsters him into believing love can tame spirits, slay evil, and turn his life of gloom and dread into a blend of love and hope.

The Book

Forever Books
March 2009
Mass Market Paperback from Advance Review Copy
Historical Romance / The Western Highlands 1348
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

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Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
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