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Seeing Red

by Susan Crandall


Ellis Greene remembered testifying at Hollis Alexander's trial.  Alexander had been convicted of kidnapping, raping and beating her cousin, Laura Reinhart, who never regained consciousness after the attack, but remained in a deep coma until she died from her injuries.

Alexander had been convicted on circumstantial evidence.  His fingerprints and hair were found on Laura's windowsill.  He had admitted to window peeping that night, but swore he'd done nothing else.  Ellis saw him outside Laura's window, even smelled his too-strong cologne.   Combined with the smell of sour sweat, it created a distinct odor Ellis could never forget. When she smelled him again, he was lurking outside Laura's hospital room.

Now, Alexander has been paroled from prison.  None of Laura's family were notified of the parole hearing.  Laura's mother, now divorced from her father, had removed the family from the list without consulting the rest of them.  Alexander had threatened Ellis after his conviction.  Was she still in danger from this model prisoner?  And why had Nate Vance chosen now to return to Belle Island?  Why was he so determined to protect Ellis when he had been Laura's boyfriend?  And where had he been the last fifteen years?

Seeing Red is a well-written suspense story, which keeps you reading on to see what happens next.  To me, the explicit sex scenes detract from an otherwise delightful love story.   After all, love and sex are two different things. The language used leaves hero and heroine less respectable than they really need to be.  This makes them, to me, less realistic rather than fully human. Other than this, I enjoyed the story.  Try Seeing Red for yourself.   If the sex and profanity don't turn you off, you'll love it

The Book

Forever / Hachette
February 2009
Romantic Suspense
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NOTE: Contains sex, violence and profanity.

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2009
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