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A High Risk Novel
Third in the High Risk series

by JoAnn Ross


Night Stalker Pilot Shane Garret found himself in Dr. Kirby Campbell’s care in Baghdad.  His wound was a minor inconvenience but provided him the perfect opportunity to meet Kirby.  Their attraction was instantaneous, as they spent every free hour consumed in discovering all the intimate places their bodies offered.

As expected, their military careers came between their torrid affair when Shane was called away on a mission.  Their letters didn’t seem to provide the same electrifying sizzle as seeing each other in person.  Soon after their separation they lost touch.

Months later, during a secret Black Ops mission, Shane’s aircraft is shot down and his leg is gravely wounded. The Special Forces that he was transporting realize that he needs immediate medical attention.  They risk their lives and careers to cross enemy lines to seek out a rescue clinic.  Shane is surprised to find that his doctor is Kirby Campbell.

Kirby never anticipated that Shane would show up again as her patient.  She examines his injury and realizes that his wound is severe enough that he will have to lose his left leg.  Knowing it is his only chance of surviving, she performs the amputation herself.

Not wanting to stay one minute longer than necessary on enemy soil, the Team radios for a helicopter to rescue them.  With a heavy heart Kirby once again watches Shane slip out of her life.

A year and a half later Shane has relocated to South Carolina.  His injury convinced him that it was time to accept an early retirement from the military.  He rebuilds his life by adopting a new career offering flying lessons to the locals.  His new career provides him financial support and allows him to still be able to fly.

Once again his path crosses with Kirby Campbell.  This time it is she who needs his help to rescue her friend Rachel, who is being held hostage in Central America.  When Shane learns that Kirby is intent on joining the Phoenix Team to rescue her friend, he agrees to accompany them and be their pilot, to help keep her safe.

The situation places them in immediate danger as they both go deep into dangerous territory.  As the two are thrown together their intense attraction begins to resurface.  Will they take the time to act on these feelings?

JoAnn Ross has written a SUPERB book in Shattered.  This is the first in the High Risk series that I have experienced, but it convinced me that I needed to seek out the other titles.  Kirby and Shane find themselves in high action drama situations.  You will find yourself holding your breath as each scene plays out.  I am proud to say that both this author and I share the same home state.  It is gratifying to know that someone with so much talent lives in the same state as I—Very highly recommended.

The Book

February 3, 2009
0451226127 / 978-0451226129
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NOTE: Other titles in the series are  Free Fall and Cross Fire.

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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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