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She Thinks Her Ex Is Sexy
Blaze Series

by Joanne Rock


Poor Shannon Leigh is complaining to her friend Sealy about the wedding she’s attending in Baja. She’s dubbed it the Cupidfest and believes over-exposure to pink champagne, pink roses, and pink bridesmaid dresses has infected everyone but her. . . And what’s worse is her Rocker ex-boyfriend Romero Jinks is attending and has scored! Shannon's goal is to get out of the sex-drenched hotel and get home, but just her luck she’s stuck sharing a car with Romero. At some point their lives are endangered and the two end up stranded in the hot desert. It's here they are forced to deal with their past. Despite the anger, hurt, and disappointment they still find time for some extra-curricular activity to pass the time. Readers can expect sizzling love scenes, sometimes irritating arguments and a bit of humor.

The Book

February 1, 2009
0373794541 / 978-0373794546
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2009
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