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Sins of a Wicked Duke
Alumni of the Penwich School for Virtuous Girls Regency Series

by Sophie Jordan


Penwich School for Virtuous Girls alumni Fallon OíRourke and libertine lover Dominic Hale, Duke of Damon, seem to have little in common on the surface, but both have tragic childhoods that link them together.† The Prologue introduces Fallon and her two friends Marguerite and Evie, who set the stage, but play only minor roles in the rest of the story.† In Sins of a Wicked Duke, Sophie Jordanís latest historical romance, the unusually tall Fallon and the unusually licentious Dominic meet under unusual circumstances, yet what happens next is even more unusual:† Fallon disguises herself as a man and takes a job in Dominicís house working as a servant.

From the moment they meet (late one night in the street as she attacks on overly aggressive young man who refuses to let her go), the sparks fly between them.† Even in disguise, Dominic finds himself strangely drawn to the young "man" who works as a footman and then later as his personal valet.† This young man named "Francis" also finds the master of the house surprisingly alluring, despite Dominicís crude behavior and dangerous lifestyle. The sparks become a full-fledged fire once Fallonís deception is discovered.

This novel takes the reader on a wild romantic ride filled with humor, tension, and passion.† Between Fallonís outspokenness and Dominicís exceedingly raunchy antics, itís hard to predict what will happen from one page to another, much less from one chapter to the next.† Sins of a Wicked Duke provides hours of fabulous escapist fun venturing into the chaotic lives of two flawed, but highly interesting characters striving to better themselves.

The Book

Avon Books / HarperCollins
April 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Romance - Historical (Regency, England, 1800-1820)
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NOTE: Explicit Sexuality

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Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2009
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