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Some Like It Wild
Sequel to Some Like It Wicked

by Teresa Medeiros


Six months ago, the lives of Pamela Darby and her sister Sophia were changed drastically when their mother was killed in a theater fire.  The only life they had over known revolved around the theater, for their mother was an actress.  As neither one of them had inherited their mother’s skill at acting, they found themselves homeless, with no job skills, and forced out into the streets to fend for themselves.

Pamela had her suspicions that her mother’s death was not an accident.  Her theory is strengthened when she discovers that her mother was hiding a secret letter that could affect many people’s lives.  Upon reading this letter Pamela learned that a Duchess had fled with her son.   She devised a plan to bring the Duke his long lost heir.

Pamela is clueless as to who she will get to act the part of the Duke’s long-lost son. Her dilemma is solved when her carriage is held up by a handsome highwayman, Connor Kincaid.  She is able to convince Connor to play the part of the Duke’s missing heir.

Together, they travel to the Duke of Warrick’s estate.  They provide an Academy Award-worthy performance, which convinces the Duke he has, at long last, found his missing son. Pamela is overjoyed at the thought of collecting the reward and being on her way, but Connor does something she hadn’t anticipated, when he declares that she is his fiancé.  Pamela knows that it is crucial to play the part in order to keep the Duke from suspecting any foul play has occurred.

Will Pamela be able to break free of Connor and go rebuild her life with her sister? Or will she lose her heart to a rogue of a highwayman?

Some Like it Wild takes me back to the beloved days when Historical Romance was at its peak.  There is a lusty hero, a strong-willed heroine, and a plot that is thick with excitement.   Teresa Medeiros fans will not be disappointed in this enchanting offering featuring people who deserve to find one another.

The Book

March 31, 2009
0061235369 / 978-0061235368
Historical Romance - Scottish Highland 1814
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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