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Spanish Lies

by Margaret Blake


Virginia Marsden isn't exactly thrilled when Luis Diego Carlos St. Juan Mendoza shows up on the doorstep of her Baker's Ford cottage. On the other hand, her seven-year-old son Luke thinks that the elegant Spaniard is exotic compared to his quiet English surroundings. But the visit from Don Luis opens old wounds for Ginny who just wants him out of her life again, this time forever.

Fortunately for Ginny, but not so good for her pride, timing is on her side. The local council is planning to buy out and develop her neighborhood with no guarantee that the remuneration will allow her to buy a new home. This is bad news for a single mother. So when Don Luis offers her a live-in job teaching his sister-in-law and her children English prior to their move from Spain to Australia, Ginny grudgingly takes it. It will be a good opportunity for Luke to learn Spanish and see a foreign country.

Passion's embers flare from the moment the Marsdens arrive at the hacienda but are not warm enough to melt the ice lodged in either broken heart. Ginny can't wait for the contract to come to an end, but then Luis' mother drops a bombshell that stops her departure.

I'm not fond of the plot where Person A is in love and naked with Person B, but when Person C lies to them both they both flounce off in a huff in opposite directions. We can take our clothes off, but we can't risk humiliation by talking to (or screaming at) each other. Ginny finally has to talk to Luis but at a cost more dear than her discomfort. I like this story despite my frustration level because it is clever. The contrast between old-world manners and dictates, and the very modern climax, will make you sit up and say, "Oh!"†I really didnít see it coming.

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