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A Talent For Sin

by Lavinia Kent


Ms. Kent's riotous regency is a bit of glitz, sin, and suspense.  If you ignore the fact that at times it's a bit confusing, then readers will love this tale of love and laughter. The hero is a bit more mature at times than the heroine, although she would be considered a cougar by today's standards.  However both Peter and Violet are outstanding when it comes to playing their parts. I will look forward to seeing if there is a sequel in the making with Violet's little sister.

Violet was hung out to dry, told to marry, and then ignored by her lordly brother. She managed to survive her first marriage of convenience, and even the second where her husband was abusive. Her third marriage was more to her liking; although he was much older, she genuinely liked her now dead husband.  Deciding that life is too short for regrets, Violet sets out to have a bit of fun.  Her lovers tend to be younger than she is and she leaves them, maybe wanting more but not expecting anything else and not wanting anything from them. That is until she meets Peter St. John. He is unlike any man she's ever been with, but when he proposes, she turns him down flat. He is too young, and she would never do anything to provoke a scandal for him or his family.

Scandal does darken her life, but it comes in the form of a lecherous man who wants her younger sister as his bride, or he will blackmail Violet's brother. Against Peter's advice, she puts herself in the midst and almost loses the most important person in her life.

The Book

May 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Historical Romance - Regency
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Faith V Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith's Regency time travel romance, titled Beware What You Wish, came out in late 2008, and her new vampire romance, titled Kensington's Soul, was released February 2009.
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