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Tall Dark & Fangsome
Immortality Bites series #5

by Michelle Rowen


Rowen’s fifth and final offering in the Immortality Bites series is exciting, poignant, and hilarious all rolled into one. I have had the pleasure of reading all five of her books in the last few years, and this series will be on my keeper shelf to be read over and over again.

Sarah Dearly, turned vamp and hating it, finds she is now a Nightwalker. Not your ordinary run of the mill vampire but a bloodthirsty animal. The curse of turning into a person she despises can only be thwarted by the necklace she wears around her throat. If she removes it, she could do some serious damage to vampires and mortals alike.

Gideon a vampire hunter and wannabe vampire, to cure the Hell fire ravaging his previous good looks, holds the possible cure for what ails Sarah, but if she wants to be free of her curse, she must give up Thierry, the vampire she loves. To make matters worse, she is being stalked by The Red Devil, a legend who kills rogue vampires and rights all in the vampire world. When he stops her from killing a newly turned vampire, she discovers he is more than she ever dreamed possible In essence he is Thierry with a mask. While she’s juggling her curse, the breakup with her vamp-boyfriend, how to keep all her friends safe, and praying the vampire council won’t put her on their hit list, she realizes life without the vamp of her dreams is not worth all the blood martinis in the world.

The Book

Forever / Hachette Book Group
September 2009
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith's Regency time travel romance, titled Beware What You Wish, came out in late 2008, and her new vampire romance, titled Kensington's Soul, was released February 2009.
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