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Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah
86 Bloomberg Place Series, No. 4

by Melody Carlson


Three Weddings is the fourth in the Bloomberg Place†Series, and final installment so far, unless Carlson comes up with a sequel. Melody Carlson brings the series to a frantic end for her four friends in their chaotic effort to cross the wedding finish line together. Of course, it isnít easy. There's all the drama of competition in the race. If you have followed the course of Carlsonís foursome in her previous books then you know the routine.

Assuming you are familiar with the group then, here is the short version of the fourth book in the series:
Lelaniís wedding is coming up soon and everything is being done to make this the wedding of a lifetime. Kendall is pregnant, and recently engaged. Anna is having issues with her boyfriend, and Meganís unnerved when her beau finds God and takes off on a missionary trip to Africa. In the midst of all this, it turns out that everyone has plans for the same weekend that Lelani has planned her wedding. Anna has promised to attend a Bar Mitzvah. Megan has another wedding commitment. Kendall wants to be married on the same day as Lelani. As you can surmise, this is the basis for the story.

And, if you arenít yet familiar with Carlsonís girls, I suggest you pick up the previous books and take time to sit down and enjoy all three. Theyíre fun, funny, and fabulous. All four friends find love and God and allís well that ends well. Itís reminiscent of a Christian Sex in the City chick lit. If you like it light and a little ditsy, then you will enjoy Carlson.

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David C. Cook Publishing
September 1, 2009
1589191080†/ 9781589191082
Fiction / Christian / Romance / Humor
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2009
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