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To Beguile a Beast
The Legend of the Four Soldiers, Book 3

by Elizabeth Hoyt


Helen Fitzwilliam wants to provide a better life for her children, five year old Jamie and nine year old Abigail. Fleeing a past they wish to forget, they arrive in Scotland at Castle Greaves posing to the owner, Sir Alistair Munroe, as the new housekeeper Helen Halifax.

Alistair has been tortured in Spinners Falls. He suffered injuries both physical and mental, and he hides away from the world in his castle. The scars he wears serve as a constant reminder of the horrors that he endured. Upon meeting Helen and her children, he is against the idea of sharing his home with strangers, but knows that the castle is in need of the liveliness Helen and her children could bring.

As days pass, the close quarters that Alistair and Helen share bring the two of them closer together. He sees Helen as a bright light that illuminates his dark existence. But the past can never stay hidden for long, and once unveiled, the future is filled with uncertainty.

To Beguile a Beast is by far the best Beauty and the Beast story I have read in 2009.  This is quite a statement of accomplishment for any book to earn my approval. This tale is so beautifully written it will literally take your breath away as you fall deeply in love with these beloved characters. It offers a view of things not only through the heroine's eyes, but also through her children's, which I found very enlightening.  To Beguile a Beast is a definite keeper on this reviewer’s shelf. Very highly recommended.

The Book

May 1, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0446406937 / 978-0446406932
Historical Romance - Scotland 1765
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NOTE: This book is third in The Legend of the Four Soldiers series.  The other titles are: To Taste Temptation (also reviewed on Myshelf), To Seduce a Sinner (also reviewed on Myshelf), and soon to be released (November 2009), To Desire a Devil.

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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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