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To Sin With a Stranger
Book One in The Seven Deadly Sins series

by Kathryn Caskie

      Sterling Sinclair and his younger brothers and sisters have earned the title of the Seven Deadly Sins. While it’s not entirely their fault (their father ignored them after his wife died), their father has had enough of his children’s wicked ways. He issues an ultimatum: his children will change their ways or lose their inheritances, then sends them to London with barely enough allowance to scrape by. Sinclair, being the oldest, shoulders the responsibility for their expenses by earning money as a prizefighter.

When Isobel Carington, a politician’s daughter, spies men entering the Pugilistic Club, she does something daring for a worthy cause: she marches into the establishment to try to raise money for the widows and children of soldiers. Isobel steps into the ring, confronts the boxer, and is none too gently escorted from the establishment.  When Isobel spies the fighter later at a ball, she learns that he is Sterling Sinclair, the Marquess of Blackburn. Her friend, Christina, quickly informs Isobel of Sterling and his siblings’ reputation and adds that Sterling is a rake. When Sterling approaches, she avoids him, much to the humor of those watching.

Sterling seeks a bride with a dowry—one who will help introduce his siblings properly to London society. But when he again sees Isobel, Sterling finds the perfect way to raise the funds his family lacks.  He places an anonymous wager: Ten thousands pounds that Miss Carington will marry him before the end of the Season. Unfortunately, Isobel wants nothing to do with him.

To Sin With a Stranger is an absolute delight—one of the best romances I read last year!  The hero, Sterling, is sexy and admirable, and despite the reasoning behind his pursuit of Isobel, soon finds himself wrapped within her spell. Isobel tends to avoid society, yet finds herself at the pinnacle of gossip, thanks to the anonymous wager.  The ensuing courtship is tender and often humorous, and reveals Kathryn Caskie’s mastery of the world of romance.  This is definitely a not-to-be-missed read.  I can't wait for the next release in Kathryn Caskie’s new and delightful series.

The Book

November 25, 2008
0061491004 / 978-0061491009
Historical Romance / London, England, 1815
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NOTE: USA Today bestselling author.  Romantic Times BOOKreviews awarded To Sin With a Stranger TOP PICK and 4 1/2 STARS./font>

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Reviewed 2009
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