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Trouble in High Heels

by Leanne Banks


CPA Jackson James has learned the hard way that when something looks too good to be true, it generally is; and his unexpected promotion to junior partner—complete with a substantial pay raise and a corner office—is no exception. The dark cloud to this silver lining is his new account: one Lori Jean Granger, heiress and self-styled philanthropist.

Jackson’s new job requires that he put the heiress on a budget; something his predecessors have been unable to accomplish because Lori Jean is the kind of woman men just can’t say no to.

Twenty-four-year-old Lori Jean always knew her father, Harlan, was controlling and over-protective, but she loved him, knew he loved her, and had always been able to forgive him his faults—up until now. According to the terms of his latest will, she’s not allowed to touch the bulk of her estate until she turns fifty-five! Up until then, she’ll have a generous—but nowhere near extravagant—allowance, one that will not allow her to fund all the good causes and deserving people she wants to be able to help.

At first she thinks she can bend Jackson to her will, as she has her previous accountants. When that proves futile, she reluctantly decides to invoke the alternative clause in her father’s will. If she marries, (and stays married until she’s thirty) she’ll have access to the entire estate to spend as she wishes, so long as it’s with the approval of her husband.

Jackson wants no part of this crazy plan, but Lori Jean insists he’s the perfect person to help her find prospective husbands.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Alpha accountants and poor-little-rich-girl heiresses with wounded hearts, so I was predisposed to find this book a pretty enjoyable read. I wasn’t disappointed in that. What I wasn’t anticipating was the marvelous secondary characters, especially Gregory and Maria, who came perilously close to stealing the book.

Despite the somewhat far-fetched premise of the will—does anyone really believe Lori Jean couldn’t successfully fight to have it overturned?—Trouble in High Heels is a sweetly satisfying romance that any fan of the genre is sure to enjoy.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing
March 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Contemporary Romance
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PG Forte
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer PG Forte is the author of Let Me Count the Ways, Love, from A To Z, Waiting for the Big One, and the Oberon series.
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