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The Turnabout Twins

by Barbara Hazard


Lady Anne and Lady Amelia Fairhaven are the identical twin daughters of the Duke of Severn.   Startlingly beautiful, they are both looking forward to being launched into society and are already courted.  But Amelia meets dour Scotsman the Honorable James Galt when staying with friends, and falls deeply in love with him.  The twins love to pretend to be each other so when her sister Anne encounters him, she pretends to be Amelia.  Soon she is also in love with him—but he cannot marry two women!

Identical twins impersonating each other is hardly a new plot device, but in the right hands it can still be entertaining, and these are the right hands.  This is a story that tends to go in a slightly different direction than the seemingly inevitable, another reason for enjoying it.  There are two love stories intertwined in here, and as the smaller than usual print indicates, this makes for more reading and perhaps more enjoyment as well.   This is an author who has a good knowledge of the period, and this story keeps within the boundaries of how people behaved in those days to good effect.

The Book

Robert Hale
31 May 2009
0709086253 / 9780709086253
Historical Romance / 1817 Devon, Edinburgh and London
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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