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Untamed Bride
The Black Cobra Quartet, Book 1

by Stephanie Laurens


The Black Cobra, suspected to be an Englishman, carved a path of destruction throughout India. Four war-hardened noblemen are given strict orders to bring the Black Cobra cult leader to justice, a goal they are determined to pursue. Leaving India by different routes, the men make their way back to England.

The men are handsome and daring; the women bold and beautiful. Del is drawn to Deliah but there doesn't seem to be much romance involved. Because there are four friends involved in the search for the Black Cobra, that means there are still three more stories and quasi-romances to tell before the Black Cobra is truly unmasked. In 347 pages you would expect more of a story, instead of characters merely moving from point A to point B, which is pretty much what happens. The book looks thicker because at least 75 pages (I didn't count them) are notes and excerpts on upcoming releases and ads for earlier releases.

As in some previous books, Ms. Laurens draws on the names of the characters from other lines. In this, the Black Cobra Quartet are friends with the Cynsters, but there is no real feel for the interaction. The book was very lackluster. Ms. Laurens’ recent releases have not lived up to her earlier standards, which is a very sad thing.

The Book

Avon / Harpercollins
October 27, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0061795143 / 978-0061795145
Historical Romance; England 1822
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NOTE: explicit content - sex

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Tara Manderino
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Tara Manderino is the author of Soul Guardian, Whisper My Name, and The Heir.
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