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by Margo Maguire

      Lady Sophia Sutton was alone in the world. Her son had grieved himself to death over the guilt of losing his own young son in the wild African jungles. Her grandson was feared dead for she had not seen him in over twenty years. She prayed for a miracle, that one day her grandson would be returned to her before she died.

Grace Hawthorne was hired as Lady Sutton's companion. She had nowhere to go and Lady Sutton's offer of employment and a roof over her head was a God send after the death of her mother a year earlier. She was quietly content with her life at Fairford Park Estates.

While Grace is opening Lady Sophia mail she encounters a letter that was postmarked from Africa. She is hesitant to deliver it to her employer, for fear of how it might disrupt her life. She debates on whether it would be better to destroy it, or deliver it in hopes of it providing the closure Lady Sophia needed.

She makes the decision to deliver it. When Lady Sophia reads it she learns that her long lost grandson, Anthony Maddox, has been found. Lady Sophia is overjoyed, but Grace is skeptical that it might be a ruse to try and gain Lady Sophia's fortune.

Kuabwa Mgene finds himself a prisoner on a ship bound for London. He was captured from his village while he was weak with an illness. He has no intention of staying in this white world and going by his original name of Anthony Maddox, the Seventh Earl of Sutton. He feels betrayed by his real father who allowed him to get lost and washed ashore in the Congo. While In the Congo, he was adopted into the tribe's primitive world and given the name Mgene which translates to "stranger".

Will Kuabwa be able to break free from the chains that bind him and return to a world that accepts him as he is? Or will he accept the title of the Earl and relearn the ways of London?

Historical romance fans will delight in the "Wild" ride they are in for in Margo Maguire's latest offering. There is never a dull moment when Grace and Anthony meet and match wits. Wild is the type of book that you will get lost in from the very first page. Very highly recommended.

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December 30, 2008
0061667870 / 978-0061667879
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