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Countess of Scandal
The Daughters of Erin

by Laurel McKee


Redcoat or rebel?† English or Irish?† Those are the questions asked over and over again in Laurel McKeeís Countess of Scandal.† Eliza Blacknall and William Denton grew up the best of friends, in and out of trouble together in the Irish countryside.† The bond between the two was always more than mere friendship, but they came from different worlds. †Eliza was destined for a privileged marriage, while Will was to become Major William Denton of His Majestyís Army.† And that is the real divide between them.† Eliza, now widowed, is a fervent patriot, dedicated to bringing independence to her beloved Ireland, no matter how dangerous.† Will, despite his love of Ireland, is a soldier sworn to keeping the Irish rebellion in check.† They seem to be on opposite sides of a bottomless chasm, and yet . . . maybe, just maybe love, can find a way past these differences.

To be honest Iím pretty sure Iíve learned half of the history I know from historical fiction.† A great historical novel can make me feel like a time traveler, able to peek in on an era long past.† And, a romance thrown in on top—well, Iím a happy reader.† Countess of Scandal delivers on all fronts.† I knew just about nothing about this period of history in Ireland but now canít wait to read more.† The story raced along, zigging and zagging from Dublin to the countryside, from uneasy peace to all out war.† And the romance . . . very satisfying!† Will and Eliza grab hold of you right away and just donít let go. †But donít take my word for it.† Time travel yourself to Ireland and spend some time with Eliza and Will as they must decide.† Redcoat or rebel?† English or Irish?

The Book

Forever / Hachette Book Group
February 1, 2010
Historical Romance / 1790s, Irish Rebellion
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Elaine Broome
Reviewed 2010
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