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Deadly Fear

by Cynthia Eden

     Eden paints a graphic but real-life account of a teenager’s abduction by a killer.  In doing so she opens the door to the emotions and determination of the victim now fully grown.  Deadly Fear is a worthy title for this book.  Readers will identify with the victims, and the police personnel who strive every day of their lives to protect the innocent.  Riveting, sensual, and romantic are just a few words describing Eden’s latest literary offering.
As a member of the Serial Services Division, Monica Davenport isn’t too keen on having a past lover, one Luke Dante, as a new team member.  Their history is still too painful of a reminder, and she needs nothing to interfere with the search for a serial killer.  Even though he is the only man who’s ever gotten past her nickname, ‘Ice’, she needs all her wits about her to prevent another victim from dying.
Luke has never forgotten Monica, -- she touched his heart before, -- and working with her now will be an exercise in frustration.  Yet, he cannot allow his feelings, especially those of lust, to stop him from doing his job.  Being a part of the SSD has been a dream of his, and no one and nothing will prevent him from realizing that goal.  When he and Monica are assigned as partners, he finds that determination may not be enough to keep him from taking back the woman he still loves.
Soon both of their lives are in jeopardy and, with a killer hard on their heels; Monica and Luke discover that even the worse worst adversity and all the secrets in the world cannot keep true lovers apart.

The Book

Forever / Grand Central / Hachette
August 1, 2010
Market Paperback
Fiction / Contemporary Romance
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

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Faith Smith
Reviewed 2010
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