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Desires of a Perfect Lady
Second release in the Harrington Brothers series

by Victoria Alexander


Young Olivia Newbury and Sterling Harrington, the Earl of Wyldewood, were once in love and planned to wed—that is until Olivia’s father forced her to marry the cruel Viscount Rathbourne, a man who made Olivia a prisoner in her own home. When Rathbourne, an avid collector of antiquities, is murdered ten years later, Olivia discovers that he means to control her life even after his death, for his will stipulates she cannot gain her inheritance until she obtains three antiquities to complete his private collections.

Sterling, now a widower, is approached by Olivia’s father, who admits he forced Olivia into marriage. He fears that whoever murdered Lord Rathbourne may also kill his daughter, and asks Sterling to protect Olivia. Sterling has mixed reactions to the request; he never read the three letters Olivia sent him years before begging him for help, but once he does, he realizes he failed her miserably. Now he has no intention of repeating those actions, for he realizes he never stopped loving Olivia.

Olivia is no longer interested in marriage, but freedom. To gain her independence, she must rely on Sterling’s help to find the antiquities, the first of which is a canopic jar located in Egypt, then on to Italy. Sterling’s constant presence, however, allows her to complete one of items on her "to do" list: to share his bed. Not an easy thing to do when the couple is accompanied by Sterling’s mother and a young solicitor. The journey leading up to and following that endeavor is an escapade to savor, an erotic adventure in itself.

Desires of a Perfect Lady is an engrossing tale of lovers reunited, complete with a thrilling treasure-hunt plot, intriguing subplots and wonderful secondary characters. I enjoyed Sterling’s change from a reserved Earl to a relaxed person who more resembled the young man with whom Olivia first fell in love. Olivia is a strong, brave and believable woman who suffered, yet still has room in her heart to love.  Victoria Alexander is a powerful romance writer, one who will always be on my favorite author list.

The Book

Avon / an imprint of HarperCollins
March 30, 2010
0061449482 / 978-0061449482
Historical romance - 1885 England, Egypt and Italy
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NOTE: New York Times Bestselling author and winner of RT Bookclub’s Career Achievement Award (2009)

The Reviewer

Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Lani's Challenge, Shadow of Doubt and Fiery Surrender.
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